If you’re looking to list a new product on Amazon and you need a UPC/EAN code, you’ve come to the right place. We sell GS1-Approved Amazon barcodes.  All our codes work on Amazon. UPC/EAN codes are used by Amazon to identify products in their database, and if you are adding a new unique listing, you need a unique UPC or EAN code.  Remember that each unique item needs a unique UPC or EAN.   If you're selling the same product (the same color, the same size etc).  No matter how many units it has. You can use 1 code for the same product. However if you sell different products or a product has different variations you'll need different codes. 

For example:  "If you’re selling Shoes, each unique color will need a unique UPC/EAN.  If you have 10 Red, 10 Blue, and 10 White for sale, you will need 3 unique UPC/EAN codes, 1 for each unique color."  (If you need UPC Codes now, click here to get your UPCs)  

If you have a barcode, it’s time to list your product on Amazon! To start using the UPC/EAN code(s), you’ll need an Amazon Merchant account that enables you to add new products to your Amazon  account. In order to get your product listed on Amazon, follow these simple steps:  

  • Go to the Dashboard of your Amazon Seller Central page. (login to your account)
  • Click on Inventory.
  • Click on Add A Product.
  • Click on Create A New Product Listing. (Or I'm adding a product not sold on Amazon)

Once you login to your account, click on the Inventory tab at the top left navigation, click “Add a Product“, then click on  " Create A New Product Listing" OR  “I'm adding a product not sold on Amazon” section :  



After clicking that page, you’ll be taken to a page to select the category of your product, which you will choose depending on the product you’re selling.  From the All Product Categories pull-down, select the primary category which applies to your product. You can either browse for a category or search for a category:  


Once your category is selected, you’ll be brought to a page that will ask for your Product Name, Brand Name, Manufacturer, etc.  This is the “Vital Info” tab.  At the bottom of the vital info tab is a required field called the “Product ID”, which is where you’ll need the UPC/EAN code that you purchase from us:  


You’ll need to fill in the required information on each tab, as well as any other information you can provide.  Please note that you can save the changes and later go back and edit them once all the required fields are filled in. 

Note: Make sure you filled in the required information on all tabs, otherwise you can’t submit the listing. (If you need EAN Codes now, click here to get your EANs)

That’s all. If you have different variations of the same product, for example, different sizes, colors etc, then you’ll need to create an Amazon product listing with variations. So you’ll need more unique barcodes.  We offer  bulk discounts for larger quantities.  Please note that each UPC/EAN can only be used for 1 unique product.  Once you’ve used a barcode (UPC or EAN) it cannot be used for another product since each barcode (UPC/EAN) is unique. 

Note: Sometimes Amazon does not accept barcodes. If Amazon isn’t accepting the barcodes, please don't worry. That is a common issue. Ensure the Brand field you’re listing isn’t restricted.  If you’re having issues saying the UPC/EAN doesn’t match the product you’re listing, test this issue by changing the Brand field and seeing if it solves the issue.  


Amazon Listing Common Issues/Errors:

 “You are using UPCs, EANs, ISBNs, ASINs, or JAN codes that do not match the products you are trying to list.”

You can see different errors:


This error typically happens on Amazon if you’re listing a Brand that already has UPC(s) and Amazon is restricting the Brand from adding more UPC(s) (to prevent duplicate listings).  The issue typically isn’t with the UPC(s) themselves, but with the restrictions placed on the Brand.  To test if this is a Brand restriction, change the “Brand” field to something else unique and it should solve the issue.

For Example: Let’s assume you're listing a Nike shoes but trying to use your own barcode, this will not work since your barcode is different then Nike's own Amazon brand registered barcode numbers.   The solution or "work-around" to this is to not input the brand's name (ex: Nike) in the brand field, but instead input your DBA or Amazon company or store name in the brand field instead and then input the brand's name (ex: Nike) in the item description. The moment you type "Nike" into the brand field amazon's automated system cross references Nike's own barcode numbers against the one's you're trying to enter. If you get different errors or  Amazon is requesting  GS1 information, or wants proof of authenticity please don't worry. You can tell us what exactly error is so we can help you.  

If you have other questions,   please read our Frequently Asked Questions page as most questions have been answered already. If you can’t find your answer there, you can contact us anytime.

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